Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gogol Bordello At The Congress Theater Chicago

Originally I was going to try and see what I consider one of the best groups ever at First Avenue in the Twin Cities with my friend the Wege, however a number of circumstances conspired against this and as a fall back Mrs. WINston Smith and I would go to Chicago and see them at the Congress Theater in Chicago. That was until she read the reviews of the venue which reminded her of a rather dumpy place in Milwaukee known as the Rave (the less said about that the better).
I finally recruited my son to accompany me with the now purchased tickets. What a fine show this turned out to be. The show was a spektakl, as Russians would say, of the first order. I haven't seen an audience this involved in years. Inspite of people jumping on stage and climbing wiring the band played on, of course Eugene did say it just looked like people having a "fucking good time". The venue BTW seemed just fine to me, though I never needed to check out the facilities. As a normal male unless pee and poop were ankle deep it probably wouldn't matter. The above video wasn't from the show but captures the spirit.

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Mark Gisleson said...

I suspect you saw a better show than the one here. I cannot imagine Minnesotans climbing on stage....