Wednesday, November 15, 2006



Recent articles detail how huge deluges caused by (take your pick) meteorites, asteroids, or comets occur every 5000 years or so and destroy huge swaths of land. So much for geological gradualism, catastrophism seems much more likely and scientifically more believeable than the usual apocolyptic religious stuff trotted out by the the worlds' monotheistic death cults.

Friday, November 10, 2006

What's Next?

There is much talk about the ramifications of the recent Democratic resurgence in America and what it actually might mean. Some see this as an "adjustment" to the center, a mid-course correction without meaningful change. The same corporate interests continuing to milk the ever diminishing middle class, no real boat rocking, no radical reform of the electoral process, health care system, or American foriegn policy.


For Americans' sake and the world one can only hope more is afoot here. A little noticed article released days before the election detailed the continuing concentration of wealth in America. I can only hope that the ever downtrodden members of America's middle class have begun to realize that the only force with their interest at heart is they themselves. Forget the so-called "culture wars", the phony tax cut benefits, and the phony wars on "terrorism" "drugs" and "Islamofacism". Don't let the Democrats default to "Republicanism Lite".


Saturday, November 04, 2006

Xenophobia International

russian_march.jpg Minutemen-rally-793875-795689.jpg

I never cease to be amazed at the "parallell universe" quality of Russian and American societies. The latest example is the march today in Moscow by a variety of groups headed by the "Movement Against Illeagal Immigration". This group with tacit support from the government is headed by a fellow named Alexander Byelov , who states,

"The rights of Russians are being infringed in their own land and we intend to stop it."

If this guy isn't a soul brother to the American Minutemen group I don't know who is.He should probably be made an honorary member. Everyday Americans and Russians seem to have more in common, massive numbers of nukes, nationalist (neo-con) kooks, failed wars, and a curious indifference to their own civil liberties and democracies. Привет Товарищ по несчастью!