Sunday, July 23, 2006

Love and Death

To feel good about America is harder everyday then this:


Glory to Floyd, a guy who understands truth, effort, and pain. When we as a country can understand these virtues we can talk perhaps on a zen-like basis with those who live daily with all the pain. We all cry, no amount of bike riding can erase this.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Other Russia, Nazbols meet the West


Nazbols, Gary Kasparov, and Mikhail Kasyanov met in Moscow for the "Other Russia" conference.This was in contrast to the G-8 conference in St. Petersburg later this week. In a first Eduard Liminov of the National Bolshevik Party attended the meeting which was addressed by the British ambassador and attended by American and Canadian representitives. Pro Putin youth attempted to disrupt the meeting. Just how serious these contacts are remains to be seen


Monday, July 10, 2006

How Big is Our International Hole


On the fourth of July I was launching illegal fireworks in SE Wisconsin. Later I heard North Korea was doing the same on a slightly bigger scale. Righteous indignation gave way to the fact that many in the rest of world no longer care about our concerns. Could it be our unilateral foreign policy (U.S. Strategic Command) has come back to bite us? In the 1990s the US promised the Russians we would not expand NATO. We fucked them. Not surprisingly things have come around, the Russians are trying to increase their influence on the Korean peninsula as well as everywhere else.Will the Chinese bail our ass out? I doubt it.