Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fitzwalkerstan, Cracks in the Facade

While not one inclined towards optimism the past week seems to hold some hope that the charade of lies, BS, and general criminality may be showing signs of fracture in the once great state of Wisconsin. The Journal Senntinel for once gets it right:
Gov. Walker's rockiest week since the recall culminated with the release Thursday of documents containing allegations by prosecutors that he was part of “a criminal scheme” to bypass state election laws. But the story that in the long run may represent a more fundamental political challenge for the governor was the batch of new jobs figures also out Thursday painting an unflattering picture of Walker’s first three years in office. Wisconsin ranked 35 of 50 states in private-sector job growth between 2010 and 2013, trailing all its closest Midwest neighbors — even Illinois, the state the governor has repeatedly bashed for having a hostile business climate. This wasn’t just another mundane jobs report. It contained the most accurate and thorough pre-election portrait we’re going to get of how Wisconsin’s job performance compares with that of other states during Walker’s first term. Between these two “bad news” stories for Walker last week, the allegations about illegal campaign coordination were a lot more sensational. They made national headlines, thanks to Walker’s status as a possible 2016 presidential candidate. They raise real issues about how campaigns are financed. But where they lead is anyone’s guess. No actual charges have been filed. The legal questions are complex and fiercely disputed. And the investigation is tied up in court and may never be completed.
I would like to be optimistic but living in Fitzwalkerstan the reality of a unitary one party state leads me to belive this is yet another oppurtunity for the Democrats to lose. We don't so much live in a country as much as a collection of competing scams masquerading as a super power. Sergei Shnurov has an accurate , if Russian, take on things.