Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Growing Signs Of Neocon/Israeli Failure


There are growing signs that the same twisted thinking which is sinking the U.S. in Iraq has infected the Israelis.Haaretz reports the most costly day for Israel in its 30th day of the Lebanon campaign. Asian Times Online has perhaps the best analysis of this conflict that you (in the U.S.) will never see. The U.S. has not done itself or, in the long run Israel ,any favors by its unquestioning support of the Jewish state. We have a "Fox News State" dooming itself and neighbors to hellish consequences by a continual reliance on violence, force, and most extreemly, nuclear weapons. The U.S. now apes the Israeli "macho" approach with it's own nuclear preemption policies. We can only hope that the most heavily armed nation in the world can come to it's senses.

Monday, August 07, 2006

From Bad to Worse

The past week has seen another progression of failure of the neocon/far right Israeli approach to the world. The events in Lebanon show the Israelis confronting a foe more sophisticated than anticipated. If I was a a Lebanese general I would want Hezbollah intergrated into the armed forces since they have proven their value plus they represent 40% of the country anyway. This is a group more organized than the Palestinians ever were though you can bet that Hamas is taking notes. BTW Hamas was an officially sanctioned group by the Israeli government during the early 80s when they thought they would some how counter Fatah. Another miscalculation by the "experts". Finally I'm truly bummed by Floyd's situation. How could such a thing happen?

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