Friday, June 24, 2011

Oligarchs Gone Wild: Artemy Troitsky vs. Lukoil Executive

Грани-ТВ: Концерт в поддержку Артемия Троицкого

Artemy Troitsky, the leading rock critic in Russia has been sued for focusing attention on a corrupt Russian cop who shielded an Oligarch from Lukoil, who killed two women in an automobile accident , and walked away. Yuri Shevchuk and others are seen on the above video doing a benefit concert on Troitsky's behalf. The Moscow News has details here and here. Sounds similar to the asshole in Florida, Ryan LeVin, who killed 2 British tourists and now is under house arrest in a beautiful mansion as "punishment". Oligarchs are treated the same wherever they are which shows they have more in common with one and another rather than the populace from which they come and exploit.

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