Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Sea Ice Update

It appears that this years Arctic ice melt will be only 2nd to the record set in 2007 and continues a trend of decreasing sea ice for the last couple of decades. The National Snow and Ice Data Center provides further info:

"Arctic sea ice generally reaches its annual minimum extent in mid-September. This August, ice extent was the second lowest in the satellite record, after 2007. On September 3, ice extent dropped below the seasonal minimum for 2009 to become the third lowest in the satellite record.

The Northwest Passage and the Northern Sea Route are largely free of ice, allowing the potential for a circumnavigation of the Arctic Ocean. At least two expeditions are attempting this feat, the Norwegian explorer Borge Ousland and the Peter I yacht from Russia."

As pointed out at NPR (of all places) these anti-climate change (republicans) people are fact impervious on a large number of issues.

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