Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stalinists On The March

Грани-ТВ: Cталинисты на марше

Grani-TV presents this video of a recent KPRF (Communist Party of the Russian Federation) march replete with old and new Stalinists. What many Americans don't realize is that the KPRF is the only politically meaningful opposition to Putin's rule in the country. Western media is fond of focusing on the likes of Gary Kasparov and a handful of western oriented liberals while failing to point out that these people have about as much political traction with the average Russian as Ralph Nader and the Green Party in the U.S. This is particularly clear when looking at the the composition of the Russian State Duma:

United Russia (Putin's faction) 64.3%
KPRF 11.5%
LDPR 8.1% (Vladimir Zhirinovski's party)
Just Russia 7.7% (A mix of nationalists, social democrats, and pensioners)
Others 8.4%.

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