Saturday, August 11, 2007

In a somewhat disturbing development, ignored I might add by the MSM, scientists have discovered that ionized dust can organize itself into DNA-like structures capable of reproducing itself and passing on information.
As reported in New Scientist:

"Like DNA, the dust spirals can store information. They do so in the scaffolding of their bodies, as they have two stable states – one with a large diameter and the other with a small one – so a spiral could carry a series of wide and narrow sections.

The specific order of these sections can be copied from one dust spiral to another, like a genetic code. The researchers aren't sure how it happens, but they think each narrow section of spiral creates a permanent vortex of moving dust outside it. So if another spiral drifts alongside it, that vortex pinches the same length into its narrow state."

Clearly it is time to closely inspect under furniture and beds for previously unsuspected lifeforms.

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