Monday, July 30, 2007

Bush's War Without End or Why Iraq Will Never End

One can only come to the disappointing conclusion that there will be no "end" of American involvement in Iraq. Ever. The American political process has identified no politician with a hope of assuming power who has any desire to pull the U.S. out while vested interests continue to call the shots in American foreign policy.
Evidence abounds, the mammoth embassy in Baghdad, the enormous military bases, the preoccupation with predatory petroleum legislation. To call for a true withdrawal of American forces would call into question so many basic assumptions about America it would be nothing short of revolutionary. Seemingly unrelated subjects including energy policy, the future of the automobile industry, peak oil, the use of the American military in accomplishing lord knows whose goals, climate change, the "special" relationship with Israel, and more would come into scrutiny--an unlikely scenario.
If anything matters will get worse as American politicians of both parties rush to demonize Iran and sleep walk into another even more disastrous conflict.

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