Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pope On Theological Rampage

Pope Benedict XVI, apparently fed up with rampant religious tolerance, went on the offensive dissing both Jews and Protestants in just the last five days. As reported in The Guardian the pope revived the Latin Tridentine mass which assails "the blindness of that people" namely the Jews.

Not wasting anytime he then took on the Protestants of the world for essentially not being Catholic. According to The Guardian again:

"It is nevertheless difficult to see how the title of 'Church' could possibly be attributed to [Protestant communities], given that they do not accept the theological notion of the Church in the Catholic sense and that they lack elements considered essential to the Catholic Church."

Last fall the pontiff sought to put the Islamic faith in it's place repeating a 14th century Christian Emperor's contention that Muhammad had brought forth "only evil and inhuman things".

I presume that Hindus, Buddhists, and Mormons may be next on the list.

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