Thursday, January 26, 2012

Which Side Are You On Wisconsin?

The Walker wind machine, well oiled with corporate money, begins its onslaught against the public interest. Care2 make a difference puts the corporate media's latest attempt at manipulation in perspective:
"As the recall campaigns in Wisconsin turn to the second phase–the actual election– new polling shows Republicans in the state still hold a slight advantage with Gov. Scott Walker leading several possible Democratic challengers. The poll numbers are not new, nor do they reflect any changing landscape in Wisconsin. But they will get a lot of attention. For starters, they show the truth in the old political adage of “you don’t beat somebody with nobody”. Walker currently polls better than possible democratic challengers, but close enough that should any of those “possible” challengers turn into actual challengers the governor is in for a race. The poll numbers also ignore the fact that one of the big stories in Wisconsin is not simply the possibility that Walker gets recalled. Sure, that would be fantastic. But in the meantime, Democrats in the state are building one of the most organized and up-to-date voter rolls leading into the 2012 elections. And lets not forget the millions Walker and Republicans have been forced to raise, and spend, during a time when they should be padding war chests for 2012. My point is this. Whether or not Walker actually loses in a recall election is not the determining factor of whether or not the recall campaign is a success. Wisconsin is the flashpoint in a movement against an encroaching plutocracy that will not be pushed back in one state with the recall of one governor. Republicans know this and will do anything to drive the narrative into one of inevitable defeat and failure. Plain and simple, don’t believe the hype."

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Man MKE said...

Absolutely on target. A strong, organized, progressive voter movement in purple (reddish purple, of late) Wisconsin is not only problematic for Walker, Kleefisch and the four state GOP senators up for recall, it's good news for the November national races here, including senator, congress, and president. And that's good news for the whole country. Walker's actions have helped make this happen, albeit in the most expensive and damaging of ways.