Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It May Need a Get Away Hole

The largest American Embassy ever,anywhere is taking shape in Baghdad. If anyone thought we would, out of the goodness of our American souls, just show up like a mysterious stranger in a western movie, free the good people, then vanish into the sunset only to do good deeds elsewhere, they should seriously look at this edifice of imperialism.
My favorite observation comes from Ed Pilkington of the Guardian who notes the following:

"Toby Dodge, an expert on Iraq at Queen Mary, University of London, has just come back from a month spent in Iraq, largely in the Green Zone. He thinks the Americans are unlikely to pull out of Iraq fully until the end of the next presidency at the earliest, and so the new embassy will serve its purpose for several years to come.

"A fortress-style embassy, with a huge staff, will remain in Baghdad until helicopters come to airlift the last man and woman from the roof," he said, adding his own advice to the architects of the building: "Include a large roof."

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