Friday, May 25, 2007

Darfur Weapons Oil and Indignation

It is sometimes difficult to unravel the complexities of world issues and living in a country that likes simple solutions to every problem does not help. A good example is the situation in Darfur. Probably the most coherent description that I've seen was published in Asia Times Online this past week. F. William Engdahl details how what is commonly described as a straight forward case of genocide actually involves Chevron (Condi's old employers), the China National Offshore Oil Corporation, shadowy arms dealers, and the corrupt despot of Chad who has now become a partner in the " war on terrorism".

I was especially intrigued by the role of Victor Bout, a Russian- Tajik arms dealer wanted by Interpol for money laundering but operating comfortably out of Florida and Texas. Interestingly he has made himself useful in Iraq to the Bush Administration as mentioned in this article.

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