Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wisconsin Uprising One Year On

"We Still Heart UW" one year anniversary march from dane101 on Vimeo.

The Valentines Day rally at the state capitol in Madison is a reminder of the events of the past year in Wisconsin. It also serves to illustrate the fact that the full impact has yet to play out as the state is now engaged in a profound struggle to define its future. In a nutshell it pits those who believe in the greatest good for the greatest number versus those interests which favor the unimpeded commoditization of every aspect of human existence for corporate benefit. It would be a mistake to characterize this soley as a Labor vs. Business struggle although that is obviously a large component, also involved are protection of the environment and natural resources, protection of immigrants and minorities from the tyranny of the majority, and respect for the constitutional concept of separation of church and state. One of the few things Scott Walker and those who control him understand are these wider implications hence the flood of obscene amounts of outside money and proliferation of false front organizations. Whatever comes of this it will never be life as usual in Wisconsin again.

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