Friday, August 05, 2011

ДДТ "Мама, это Рок-н-Ролл" (DDT "Mama, This is Rock'n Roll")


Anonymous said...

XD at first I was thinking..Khaki-clad Russian Hipster! This is not Rock and Roll!
We were then highly amused at the Deep Purple bit there. When I was in High school some guys were doing a sound check for some glee-pot typical school play (like "Anything Goes" or similar sunshiney-ness)
They decided to do so by shaking the foundations with Smoke on the Water. This was during class time.
It's hard to find words that describe the level of awesome that was attained during those few minutes. Teacher's facial expressions contributed to the overall magnificence of the experience.

WINston smITh said...

Admittedly Yuri Shevchuk is not the greatest dancer, however he is one of the few who have gotten into Vladimir Putin's face and still lives.