Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Visit to Las Vegas

While a visit to Las Vegas is usually associated with inebriation and compulsive gambling there are other things to pursue which quite frankly border on the surreal in an already surreal place. During my recent visit while at a medical conference (take home message the U.S. medical system demonstrates a complete disconnect between quality and cost) I payed a visit to the Atomic Test Site Museum, a fascinating, if somewhat creepy place. There is a palpable ambivalence about the ethics of nuclear war and I do think the place should dump the 9-11 reference (a girder from the World Trade Center which I believe was brought down with box cutters not nukes) which is nothing more than gratuitous propaganda. Beyond that there is a glimpse into the paranoia and fear which gave us the National Security State that we now live in.

Another example of of Americana that only Vegas can do justice to is the Liberace Museum that encapsulates West Allis, Wisconsin's contribution to popular culture. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for alternate entertainment in Vegas and don't miss the Wes Winter's show that goes with this.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you that the Liberace Museum is a great place to visit. The admission and show tickets are very reasonable - you can easily spend 1/2 day there especially if you take a free tour. They also have a free shuttle from the strip hotels. The museum is filled with priceless Liberace costumes, cars a piano collection, furniture and antiques from his many homes. The Wes Winters show is awesome! I loved shopping in the Museum's store - lots of great gifts at reasonable prices (much better than the strip shops!) We ate dinner at Caruccio's (Liberace's restaurant next door)and thought it was fantastic! You can find out all the information on this great place at

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your enthusiasm about the Liberace Museum. On behalf of the Liberace Foundation for the Performing and Creative Arts, we are so pleased to share Mr. Showmanhship's wonderful legacy of bling AND philanthropy. Everything we do at the Foundation and Museum is aimed at helping guests to have FUN while informing them about his generous support for the arts. It is always wonderful to hear when people enjoy their visit. Do come see us again!

Darin Hollingsworth
Liberace Foundation & Museum

WINston smITh said...

Thanks to both and especially Mr. Hollingsworth,
The Liberace Museum is something approaching a national treasure. I made what turned out to be a pilgrimage walking from the Imperial Palace to the museum unaware that there was a shuttle bus to take me there.As it turned out the hospitality shown me there was well worth the walk.

WINston smITh