Wednesday, February 20, 2008

FSB vs. Emo

In an unusual move the FSB has taken a position against an entire genre of music, namely Emo. Quite frankly until discussing this with my son and daughter I myself was somewhat clueless about the whole movement. According to the Other Russia the FSB in Nizhny- Novgorod has identified Emo as a musical movement subversive to society and youth in particular:

"The FSB informed the educators that “the emo ideology negatively influences the unformed teenage psyche. According to the ideology, its members are immortal, and each one’s dream is to die of blood-loss in a warm bath, by cutting the veins on the wrist region. Many of the teenagers are depressed, withdrawn in their thoughts, and the girls are very inclined toward suicide on account of unrequited love. The young people drawn to the emo movement imagine that they have an ‘allergy to happiness.’”

While one can wonder if living in Nizhny-Novgorod could predispose to these thoughts, disturbingly my kids indicate the FSB is right.

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