Monday, October 08, 2007

Dual Coronations or Who Needs Elections Anyway?

The world's largest nuclear powers are both going through the motions of political democracy and unless something really unusual happens the "fix" is in and the outcomes have already been decided. In other words nothing to see, move along.

Vladimir Putin, taking a somewhat oblique path to power, will stand as a representative of the pro-Kremlin party United Russia and essentially become prime-minister for life. Most of Russia seems to be going along with the exception of a few malcontents.

America, which was founded as a reaction against the abuses of hereditary monarchy, is set to re- install the Democratic ruling family. Once again a few malcontents question the wisdom of this. Hillary Clinton facing an incredibly incompetent selection of Republican challengers has the presidency more or less sewn up according to the media powers that be. Sadly the Democratic party which owed its recent popularity as an alternative to corruption and endless war seems posed to turn its back on the people and turn a blind eye to corruption and more war.

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DaytonBookBlogger said...

maybe Hillary and Vladimir can marry each other? Now, that would be cool!