Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Disappearing Arctic and Oil


Two seemingly unrelated events point towards what may be the dystopian future resulting from diminishing carbon based energy and the global warming resulting from the unrestrained use of such energy.

A 42 square mile chunk of the Ayles ice shelf detached itself from Ellesmere Island in the Canadian Arctic during the summer of 2005.

Meanwhile officials in Kuwait announced that the 2nd largest oil field in the world, Burgan, in Kuwait has passed its prime, giving increased credence to the concept of "peak oil". The uncertainty of the actual supply of petroleum reserves in the mideast was the subject of "Twilight in the Desert" by Mattew Simmons and argued that many of the oil industry's predictions regarding supply are optomistic to put it mildly.

The world is increasingly confronted by the specter of a sudden catastrophic climate change or "climate crash" and a simultaneous depletion of petroleum.Unfortunately for Americans the current government is uniquely unqualified to deal meaningfully with either of these problems.


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