Monday, September 18, 2006

The Republican Myth of Security


Its hard for to me to imagine how the administration keeps its grip on the American people in terms of security. Lies on lies to convince us somehow we are better off with their leadership (or lack of it). Recent examples include the report of the Physicians for Social Responsibilty on the consequences of nuclear attack that concludes that nothing has been has been done to make us safer in the last five years in spite of the invocation of "mushroom clouds" by our local warmongers.

Another aspect is the continual degradation of our armed forces as evidenced by recruiting difficulties, well documented by Nick Turse in "Coaxing the Unwilling" in Asia Times Online's great article. We essentially have a mercenary force increasingly made up of fugitives from justice, education, and "normal American values". How these guys keep getting re-elected is amazing in itself. I'm looking for some foreign election monitors to save the next fraud of an election.Either that or a new place to live.

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