Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Growing Signs Of Neocon/Israeli Failure


There are growing signs that the same twisted thinking which is sinking the U.S. in Iraq has infected the Israelis.Haaretz reports the most costly day for Israel in its 30th day of the Lebanon campaign. Asian Times Online has perhaps the best analysis of this conflict that you (in the U.S.) will never see. The U.S. has not done itself or, in the long run Israel ,any favors by its unquestioning support of the Jewish state. We have a "Fox News State" dooming itself and neighbors to hellish consequences by a continual reliance on violence, force, and most extreemly, nuclear weapons. The U.S. now apes the Israeli "macho" approach with it's own nuclear preemption policies. We can only hope that the most heavily armed nation in the world can come to it's senses.

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