Thursday, May 18, 2006

Birds of a Feather

In a refreshing show of ecumenicism religious fanatics have come together to condem "The Da Vinci Code".The Central Spiritual Directorate of Muslims in Russia (where 1/7 of the population is Islamic) denounced the film as blasphemous. In their words,

"We equal this film with the recent Prophet Muhammad extremist cartoons as the novel and the film desecrate the Prophet Isa (Jesus Christ) worshipped by the Muslims."

Not to be upstaged the Vatican issued their own denunciation, Cardinal Paul Poupard worried that "millions of people "would watch the film and believe it to be true. ... What I'm concerned about is that decent people who do not have the proper religious education will take this nonsense for the real thing."

kod2.jpg Defender of the Faith(s) regardless.

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