Friday, March 24, 2006

Nuclear Primacy vs. Nuclear Reality

Recently I came across two different articles that give drasticly different interpetations of the stategic nuclear situation facing the U.S. Nuclear No, a Russian anti-proliferation site, quotes an article from "Foriegn Affairs" which basically says the U.S. will be the Uber state of nuclear powers on Earth. They cite technological issues as well as the state of other powers arsenals to support this argument. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Nuclear Notebook states that Russia has 5,830 operational nuclear weapons. Nonoperational weapons when added to this bring the number to approximately 16,000 warheads. Now even if we destroy 99% of their weapons anywhere from 58 to 160 nuclear explosions coud hit the U.S. One can only begin to wonder which interpretation our curent government leans towards and the mind numbing implications.


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