Monday, July 07, 2008

Art and the Enema

Sometimes one needs a break from the plummeting dollar, sky rocketing oil prices, potential and real food shortages, as well as haywire weather and do as the good citizens of Zheleznovodsk have done and celebrate in statuary the....enema, as reported in Russia Today:

"While enemas undoubtedly have a place in medical practice, their role in art is open to debate. But that hasn’t stopped a health spa in the resort of Zheleznovodsk in Russia's Stavropol region from erecting a giant monument to enemas.

The 350-kilo bronze monument features three baby angels holding up a pear-shaped enema bulb and nozzle.

The idea for the sculpture belongs to spa director Aleksandr Kharchenko, who says that a monument to the enema should have been set up a long time ago.

“Someone has to know about it! We have the most enemas in the world done here!” he said."

Probably the largest and perhaps only commeration of this subject no doubt.

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