Sunday, January 22, 2012

American Presidential Elections Pseudo-Events?

The American political pseudo event known as the election cycle continues with Gingrich's apparent victory in South Carolina. The Republican party continues it's lock on the Angry, Old, Rich, White, Guy part of electorate while evading any meaningful discussion of reality in America with the exception of occasional lapses of lucidity from Ron Paul and the even more coherent and ignored Buddy Roemer. Currently I am reading Chris Hedges'"The World As It Is, Dispatches On The Myth Of Human Progress". He makes reference to pseudo events and "junk politics" which aptly describe the current state of what passes for political discourse in a declining empire. I thought the following passage was worth passing on :
""Pseudo-events--dramatic events orchestrated by publicists, political machines, television, Hollywood, or advertisers--however, are very different. They have, as Daniel Boorstin wrote in his book "The Image: A Guide to Pseudo-Events in America", the capacity to appear real even though we know they are staged. They are capable, because they can evoke a powerful emotional response, of overwhelming reality and replacing it with a fictional narrative that often becomes accepted truth....Reporters, especially those on television, no longer ask whether the message is true but whether the pseudo-event worked or did not work as political as political theater. Pseudo-events are judged on how effectively we have been manipulated by illusion."
Bear in mind every time you watch television it pseudovision 24/7.

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