Saturday, July 23, 2011

Putin's Army

As the Russian election looms a new twist, Putin's Army, willing to do anything though, as per The Global Post, just what isn't exactly clear:

"One group that has managed to find an enemy is Putin’s Army, a collective that formed on VKontakte, Russia’s version of Facebook, last week. In a video calling on “young, smart and beautiful girls” to join their ranks, the narrator points out “those who would throw dirt on him,” their beloved leader. She then announces a contest calling on young women to “tear something” for Putin (before tearing her own tanktop in two) — but the double meaning of the Russian word she uses (porvat) also implies the threat of vicious revenge.

About 20 members of the group gathered in a central Moscow square on Friday evening to “tear for Putin.” Tottering on heels and wearing t-shirts emblazoned with their hero’s image, they didn’t quite know what to do. First, they strutted down a makeshift catwalk — three times. Then, they decided to march, like soldiers, to show their support of Putin.

“I didn’t think it would be such a popular thing,” Maria Utkina, a 19-year-old Putin’s Army leader, said. “Maybe then I wouldn’t have called it an army.”

“We’re ready to do a lot for Putin — we just have no idea what,” she added.

The group, and a similar one called I Really Do Like Putin that formed on VKontakte this month (they’ve already held a Blueberry Hill sing-along and a bikini-clad car wash), have all the hallmarks of Nashi, the Kremlin-connected youth group. But both Putin’s Army and Nashi deny any connection. The racy Putin’s Army video went viral after appearing on Schitov’s blog but he also denies that his Youth Guard movement is involved.

“Any national leader has a huge number of supporters and this is normal,” Nikita Borovikov, the leader of Nashi, said. “Some of his supporters are young girls, this is also normal — they are citizens like any other person.”


Anonymous said...

I think I prefer Dumbledore's Army but..
as far as the "function" of this group being so up-in-the-air, I figure it's a lot like Ladies Night, meant of course not really to give women some huge financial break but to provide a lot of U-know for the men, who will be drinking like fools to anesthetize themselves against their own seductive ineptitude, and also they'll buy a lot of drinks for the women who of course realize this is even cheaper than paying the half-price or whatever.
The boob-shots in this video and the (urf!) straw-sucking shots were sad, i guess they wanted to be "classy" and didn't go all out for a Banana eating shot. Maybe next time.
Also sad is the extreme eagerness that so many females have to rush to get that official declaration of Young beautiful and stupid oops I mean Smart.
This gave me an idea for a US group though -
Ugly Bitter Skanks for Nader. That's just my early working title. I might tweak it a little. But I do expect to go viral.
Now I gotta go out and buy some bananas - L8R dude!

WINston smITh said...

Interesting commentary on Russian astroturf Annie K. Living in Wisconsin I thinking something like Street Walkers For Walker.