Monday, May 24, 2010

Russian Blue Bucket Protest

The Russian people are known for their long tolerance of suffering and also saying enough is enough. In this case enough of C-class Mercedes interrupting traffic and behaving like entitled assholes. The Moscow News has more:

"Angry at VIP's abusing the blue flashing lights allowing them to skip through traffic in Russia, one activist group has sent a poignant message.

Armed with only a bucket on his head, a man climbed on top of one such car, supposedly belonging to Russia’s Federal Security Guard Service, waiting at traffic lights just outside the Kremlin in Moscow.

The lights – similar to those used by the police – have sparked outcry from the public, as many have attributed them to a spate of road accidents.

The movement has garnered such momentum that a bill has been put to the floor of the State Parliament which, if passed, would leave offenders facing a hefty fine or having their license suspended for abuse of the privilege of using the lights."


Kim said...

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