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Who is in the FSB? , a Russian website dedicated to things special and accessed via Novaya Gazetta, has an updated FSB personnel structure list for your entertainment or whatever.

"The Structure of the FSB: Headquarters Staff

"The structure of the Federal Security Service* as a result of the implementation of a presidential decree of 11 July 2004. On 2 December 2005 the President amended Decree Nє 960 of 11 August 2003 "Questions of the RF Federal Security Service". Now the FSB is permitted to have one first deputy director of the FSB who is the chief of the FSB Border Service, and three deputy directors of the FSB, including one state secretary who is [also] a deputy director of the FSB.

Director - Nikolay Platonovich Patrushev

  • First Deputy - Sergey Smirnov, Chairman of the Council of the RATS ShOS (Regional Anti-terrorist Structure of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization)
  • First Deputy Director - Vladimir Yegorovich Pronichev, Chief of the Border Service of the Russian FSB
  • Deputy Director - General-Colonel Vladimir Bulavin, Chief the staff of the National Antiterrorist Committee (NAK) and Deputy Chief of the Federal Operations Staff
  • Deputy Director and State Secretary - General-Major of Justice Yuriy Sergeyevich Gorbunov, appointed 20 December 2005. He previously headed the department of security legal issues of the RF Presidential Administration's State and Legal Directorate.
  • Deputy Director - Aleksandr Bortnikov
  • Deputy Director - Vyacheslav Ushakov
  • Deputy Director - Sergey Buravlev, former chief of the 16th Center (preceded by Vladimir Anisimov)
1. Counterintelligence Service (SKR) - General of the Army Oleg Vladimirovich Syromolotov
  • The Directorate of Coordination and Analysis of Counterintelligence Activity - former chief was A. Ruch'yev, who has been appointed chief of the FSB Directorate of St. Petersburg.
  • The Directorate of Counterintelligence at Facilities
  • The Directorate of Information Support to Operational Detective Activity
  • The Department of Military Counterintelligence - General-Colonel Aleksandr Bezverkhniy (source - RF Government Decree Nє 656 of 31 August 2002); Vladimir Nosov and S. A. Korenkov are deputy chiefs (source: Presidential Decree Nє 1550 of 28 December 2005).
2. Service to Protect the Constitutional System and Combat Terrorism (SZKSiBT) - Aleksey Sedov (preceded by A. Bragin); General-Major Aleksandr Mashkin and Vladimir Muratov (former chief of the Dagestan FSB Directorate) are deputy chiefs
  • Directorate to Combat Terrorism and Political Extremism (UBTPEh) - Mikhail Belousov (source: RIA Novosti); first deputy chief is Sergey Borisovich Shurygin (source: Central Electoral Commission Decree Nє 144/984-4 of 29 April 2005)
  • Antiterrorist Center/Special Center - Aleksandr Tikhonov. E-mail:
  • Directorate to Combat International Terrorism (UBMT) - Yuriy Sapunov Directorate for the Organization of Operations
  • Operational Detective Directorate (ORU)…(I. Mironov until 2004); first deputy chief is Yevgeniy Kolesnikov; A. Plotnikov is a deputy chief
3. Border Service - Vladimir Yegorovich Pronichev

4. Economic Security Service (SEhB) - General of the Army Aleksandr Bortnikov (previously, Yuriy Yevgen'evich Zaostrovtsev); first deputy is Yu. V. Yakovlev (source: Presidential Decree Nє 1615 of 27 December 2004)

  • Directorate of Counterintelligence Support to Industrial Enterprises (Directorate P)
  • Directorate of Counterintelligence Support to Transportation (Directorate T) - chief of A. V. Fedorov (source: Government Directive Nє 431-r of 18 April 2005)
  • Directorate of Counterintelligence Support to the Financial System (Directorate K)
  • Directorate of Counterintelligence Support to the MVD, MChS [Ministry of Emergency Situations], and Ministry of Justice (Directorate M) Organizational Analysis Directorate - chief is General-Lieutenant Yuriy Aleshin
  • Directorate to Combat Contraband and Illegal Drug Trafficking - S. Fomenko
  • Administrative Service
5. Current Information and International Relations Service (formerly Service for Analysis, Forecasting, and Strategic Planning) - Viktor Ivanovich Komogorov (also the President of the Dinamo Sports Club. Source: Government Directive Nє 701-r of 29 May 2003).
  • Analysis Directorate
  • Directorate for the Coordination of Current Information (UKOI)
  • Strategic Planning Directorate
  • Department of Unclassified Information; e-mail:
  • Directorate of International Cooperation - General-Lieutenant Aleksey Fedorovich Kuzyura; Mikhail Pavlovich Orlov is a deputy chief and V. A. Grobovoy is a scientific consultant (source: Government Directive Nє 291-r of 13 March 2002)
6. Service of Organizational Personnel Work - General- Lieutenant Ye. N. Lovyrev; General-Major Yevgeniy Solov'yev is the former chief.
  • Directorate of Special Registrations; e-mail
  • Organizational Planning Directorate
  • Personnel Directorate; A. Kotov is a deputy chief
7. Oversight Service - Aleksandr Ivanovich Zhdanykov
  • Inspection Directorate
  • Auditing Directorate
  • Directorate of Internal Security - General-Lieutenant Aleksandr Kurpyashkin, who previously headed Directorate M; Nail' Mukhitov is a deputy chief. E-mail:
8. Scientific and Technical Service - Nikolay Klimashin; first deputy is A. I. Presnov (source: Government Directive Nє 1212-r of 12 December 2005)
  • Directorate of Orders and Deliveries of Weapons, Military and Special Equipment
  • Directorate of Operational Technical Measures (UOTM). E-mail:
  • Scientific Research Institute of Information Technologies - General- Major Sergey Ivanovich Kuzin; Sergey Pavlovich Rastorguyev is a deputy chief
  • Scientific Research Center; V. V. Letunovsky is the first deputy (source: Presidential Decree Nє 182 of 19 February 2005)
9. Activity Support Service - Mikhail Shekin, preceded by General-Colonel Sergey Shishin; first deputy is N. K. Novikov (source Government Directive Nє 1026-r of 23 July 2005)
  • Finance and Economics Directorate
  • Directorate of Material and Technical Support (UMTO)
  • Directorate of Capital Construction - A. Kruglov
Subdivisions Directly Subordinate to Headquarters
  • Investigative Directorate - General-Lieutenant Nikolay Oleshko, preceded by Mil'chenko, who was preceded by General-Lieutenant S. D. Balashov
  • Directorate of Scientific and Technical Support (UNTO)
  • Institute of Criminology
  • Directorate of Administration
  • FSB Reception Office (department-level); Chief is Colonel Vitaliy Aleksandrovich Kondrat'yev (staff of six people)
  • Treaty and Legal Directorate
  • Special Events Service
  • Communications Security Center (created from the Main Directorate of Communications Security of FAPSI [Federal Agency for Government Communications and Intelligence]). Viktor Sergeyevich Gorbachev is the chief; A. S. Kuz'min is a deputy chief.
  • Information Security Center - V. V. Skorik; first deputy is G. Ya. Dzhioyev; A. V. Gerasimov is a deputy chief. The Center was created from the Directorate of Computer and Information Security of the Counterintelligence Department - V. M. Matrosov (preceded by Boris Nikolayevich Miroshnikov, who transferred to work at the GUSTM [Main Directorate for Special Technical Measures] of the MVD).
  • Russian FSB Center for Licensing, Certification, and Protection of State Secrets (LSZ Center)
  • Center for Special Equipment; first deputy is L. Yu. Borodinov (source Presidential Decree Nє 182 of 19 February 2005)
  • Center for Current Border Research; O. V. Ulevatyy is the chief (source: Presidential Decree Nє 182 of 19 February 2005)
  • Operational Search Directorate (OPU)
  • Directorate of Assistance Programs - V. N. Dvornikov, preceded by Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Zdanovich (now Deputy Chairman of the VGTRK [All-Russian State Radio and Television Company])
  • Public Relations Center - Sergey Ignatchenko is the chief. He was preceded by Andrey Laryushin and, before him, Vasiliy Stavitsky
  • Registry and Archives Directorate (URAF) - General-Major Vasiliy Khristoforov (Yakov Fedorovich Pogoniy is the former chief); Vladimir Konstantinovich Vinogradov is a deputy chief
  • Central Archive - Nikolay P. Mikheykin; A. T. Zhadobin is a deputy chief (source: Government Directive Nє 1618-r of 3 December 2001)
  • Directorate of Communications Security (Directorate R). E-mail:
  • Directorate of Aviation; Hero of Russian N. Gavrilov is the chief
  • Directorate of Special Communications; A. Presnov is the chief
  • Military Medical Directorate (VMU) - Aleksey Lapin (source: Granitsa Rossii article of 16 June 2004, "Sochi Vstrechaet Solnechnym")
  • Military Construction Directorate - Yu. G. Klysh is a deputy chief
  • Provost Service
  • Watch Officer Service
  • Tenth Department (military mobilization); Gennadiy S. Samtsov
  • FSB Academy; Valentin Aleksandrovich Vlasov is the chief; Sergey Mikhaylovich Kolobashkin is a deputy chief (he is mentioned in a Moscow Government Decree Nє 616-71 of 8 August 2000); Aleksandr Borisovich Alekseyev is also a deputy chief (Moscow Government Decree Nє 654-pp of 5 August 2003)

    For reference: a division is up to seven personnel, a department is at least eight personnel and a directorate is at least 55 personnel.

    Also: Council of FSB Veterans; V. P. Pirozhkov is the Chairman (source: Presidential Decree Nє 418 of 27 April 2002)

    System of FSB Organizations

    According to the Regulation Concerning the Federal Security Service adopted in accordance with Presidential Decree Nє 960 of 11 August 2003, the system includes:

    [The following] are directly subordinate to the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation:

  • FSB directorates (departments) for individual regions and RF subjects (territorial security organizations)
  • FSB directorates (departments) in the RF Armed Forces, in the field, and in other military formations, and also in their headquarters organizations (security organizations in the field)
  • FSB directorates (departments) which exercise separate authority of the Russian FSB or support the activity of organizations of the Federal Security Service and Border Troops (other security organizations)
  • Aviation subunits, special training centers, special subunits, and enterprises, educational institutions, scientific research, expert, forensic, military medical, and military construction subunits and other institutions and subunits designed to support the activity of the Federal Security Service

    *The chart has been compiled from open-source materials and does not claim to be complete"

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