Sunday, October 14, 2007

Recruiting, A Tale of Standards and Pizza

A recent article in the Chicago Tribune details the difficulties the armed forces are having in their recruiting activities and the need to decrease standards to fill quotas. Among other things the number of convicted felons allowed in with "character waivers" has quadrupled over the last four years. The defense department maintains their standards remain high, and as one spokesman put it,

"That's a pretty tough standard," he said. "Not to be cheeky about this, but [if] we apply that standard to our legislative overseers, a significant fraction would need waivers to join the United States military."

Given the level of corruption and abuse of power seen in the last seven years I wouldn't dispute that point. Locally our National Guard unit hopes that the lure of X-Box tournaments, free pizza, and money will help fill the ranks as the photo above attests (click to enlarge for details that not even I could make up). With an unconstitutional war waged by an administration of ethically challenged former draft evaders grinding on to an unknown purpose and no foreseeable end its a wonder anyone would sign up.

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